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Past prophecy last week: “I’m seeing one mining manager fired, and the person who is fired is rehired and promoted. I’m moving your manager by force.”
Mrs Itumeleng Stemmer, a mine employee, experienced a miracle after the prophecy above. Mrs Stemmer connected herself with last month’s Pastors Shirley’s blessing testimony. She believed and prophesied upon herself that the same miracle that Pastor Shirley had received a month ago, would indeed knock at her doorstep as well.

Wow! Talk about a woman of faith! At work Mrs Stemmer received section 189 (retrenchment notice) just like her fellow employees but by grace it was cancelled, not only cancelled but came with promotion. God is moved by faith indeed. Considering that our sister had the least service years at work (according to the selection criteria the least preference was “last in, first out”) but God by His amazing grace moved her to an even better position.

Glory to Master Jesus!