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MARRIAGE RESTORED. This is our sister Mpho (black coat) from Tshwane, who had a challenge with her baby’s father. According to sister Mpho, the father of the child was not available for the baby while still young. Recently they (sister Mpho and the father of the baby), have been going to court for the custody of the baby after the baby has grown. Sister Mpho faced threats of losing the baby to a home. The man of God prayed and counseled her on her situation and as always, God showed up just in time. The case was dismissed and she and the father of the baby were advised to sort the matter out of court. All Glory to God, the creator of all.

Sister Mpho’s words: “Trust in God, God will never never never let you down. And use your faith, do not be faithless, because I was faithless. Use your faith, God will never let you down. Trust in Him completely.”