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Mrs Moje lost everything; her job, her house, her cars in the year of 2008. She visited MJIGM in 2012 for the first time where the man of God prayed over her and she received instant breakthrough. From the day of her deliverance her life started transforming. After two days, she received a call from SARS informing her that there was a certain amount of money that she should collect from them. This was money from when she was still working for them. She was then appointed as operations manager by a man that she was in tertiary with and did the same course with. After 6 months she was able to buy a car for herself. She then applied for a job that she came across in a newspaper. After 2 days, she received a call from the company to start working as a courier driver. By the grace of God, she now has drivers working for her in the courier. She also has a number of projects that she is busy with. God has blessed her abundantly with uncountable blessings!!!!