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family-restoration-and-blessed-with-a-carFAMILY RESTORED AND BLESSED WITH A CAR
Mrs Ramunasi was delivered on a Thursday healing and deliverance service. The man of God requested to see her after the service. In the process of the appointment as they discussed, the man of God asked her what car she drove, she then told him that she drove a Polo. The man of God then Prophesied to her that he saw her driving a big car and that Polo was not a car that she should drive in. At the time, she had no plans of buying a car, but because the man of God had prophesied to her, she took the word for it and applied for a car with Mahindra online. The application was approved and she is glad to testify about the goodness of the Lord in her life as she is now in possession of this brand new car shown below. She says that what the Lord has done in her life has strengthen her faith as she did not expect this blessing to come her way. She also testifies that before she came to Maranatha, she constantly fought with her husband which the man of God prophesied to be a spirit of Tiger in her husband. She glorifies the Lord as ever since her deliverance, there is peace, joy, happiness and her family has been restored proving the year of double inheritance in her life.
MAY THE LORD REIGN DOUBLE INHERITANCE OVER YOUR LIFE IN JESUS’ NAME!family-restoration-and-blessed-with-a-car-2