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DEAD CHILD RESURRECTED. This baby boy is a great testimony among great testimonies! This baby was with his mother in the prayer line, just as the man of God was still busy attending to other people in the prayer line, this baby who was then sick, gave up breath in his mother’s arms. As the mother noticed that she was only holding a lifeless body of her baby with the eyes rolled back, she was overwhelmed and gave the body over to the ushers and she began to weep uncontrollably. Then the man of God, prophet Abera “AK” Kebede attended to the body.

The man of God prayed upon the body declaring life, life and more life.The man of God started to breath into the baby’s mouth, about three times then continued to command life into the dead body with authority from heaven. The boys mouth started to move a bit then the eyes started to blink! One should have been there to capture this great moment which is to go down in history engraved in peoples memories.

All the glory to the living God Jehova Elsheddai!!! We acknowledge the anointing of God upon his kind servant, our daddy, prophet Abera Kebede! Glory to Jesus our Lord and Savior!

Prior to this Sunday service, God spoke to his son prophet Abera Kebede and told him about the outcome of the service. We serve a mighty God! No service is ordinary at Maranatha, miracles, signs and wonders speak for themselves. People see with their eyes, mouths speak! God is forever just! All the glory to Him!